Miscellaneous Features

Event Handling

The Event Handling feature manages the registration of events. An event is defined as an occurrence of significant importance that needs to be handled by itself. This allows transaction handling systems to identify and report such an event, and then continue processing without waiting for the event to be handled.

An example of such an event can be the receipt of a payment advice that requires the notification of the beneficiary customer by phone. The payment processing system can generate the event and continue processing. The Event Handling feature will handle the further processing of the customer notification process.

Automatic Print Routing

The Automatic Print Routing feature allows banks to route their print output to any required output queue, in as many copies as needed. At the same time it is possible to specify the form type and specify if the spooled print output is to be saved after printing. Moreover, non-required print output can be indicated for immediate deletion upon completion of the spooled file.